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UK shoppers slash spending as price rises and energy bills bite

February figures from BRC highlight impact of cost of living crisis on British economy before budget UK consumers sharply cut back their spending in February as soaring living costs damaged household finances, retailers have warned, despite strong sales of jewellery and fragrances for Valentine’s Day. Highlighting the impact of the cost of living crisis on […]

UK government made £2.4bn from ‘mortgage prisoner’ loan sales, says Martin Lewis

Tens of thousands of borrowers had their loans sold on to providers at which they were unable to switch The UK government made a £2.4bn “profit” when it pushed tens of thousands of mortgage borrowers “into poverty” after selling their loans on to new lenders, the campaigner Martin Lewis has claimed. The MoneySavingExpert founder was […]

‘I’m really worried’: homeowners and would-be buyers on UK interest rates

As the base rate reaches 4%, we hear from people concerned about rising mortgage costs Chris Felix-Hill, 47, and his wife, Adeline, from Steeple, Essex, are struggling to keep alive their dream of one day becoming homeowners, after “demoralising” house price rises during the pandemic and yet another interest rate rise from the Bank of […]

UK borrowers may struggle to repay debt as economy worsens, says Santander

Bank puts aside more money to protect itself from potential defaults in expected recession The impending recession could leave borrowers struggling to repay their debts, the high street bank Santander UK has said as it put aside more cash to protect itself from potential defaults. The UK arm of the Spanish bank said on Thursday […]