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‘This is just ruinous’: the Britons unable to afford their homes

Millions are finding themselves priced out of renting and buying amid high inflation and mortgage rates Out of reach? The tool that shows where you can afford to buy or rent in Great Britain The cost of living crisis, spiralling mortgage rates and soaring rents have exacerbated property shortages in Britain to the extent that […]

Mortgage payers face squeeze in 2023 after UK interest rate rises

Wealthy people who own home outright will avoid higher costs and benefit from better return on savings Homeowners with mortgages will be among the biggest losers from the cost of living crisis in 2023 due to interest rate rises, while the wealthiest UK households will benefit from better returns on savings and investments, according to […]

High-rise mortgage costs see surge in rents across the UK

House prices may be falling as interest rates climb, but there’s no respite for tenants as property shortages bite It’s a tale of two markets: while private rents have soared to record highs in the UK, making life precarious for tenants, the for-sale sector has slowed sharply and property values have started to fall, with […]

What is happening to the UK homebuying and rental markets?

House prices for buyers have started to fall, while housing rents have reached record highs For Joe, a youth worker in his 20s, soaring rents have made living and working in London precarious. “Our rent costs 50% of our combined wage before bills,” says Joe, who shares with his partner, a receptionist. They pay £1,450 […]