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A broker told me I don’t earn enough for a London mortgage. Is that true?

I have lived at the family home all my life, I earn £26,000 a year and have about £60,000 for a deposit

Q I’m almost 26 and have lived at home my whole life, just outside the M25. I am a tailor, I didn’t go to university – so have no student debt – and I have worked since I was 13 in various jobs.

Both my sisters have moved out to study or live with partners, so I am feeling more and more like I need to leave and live my life on my own terms, and all the other things that being in your own space allows. Tailors don’t earn a lot of money, I’m on £26,000 now, which I hope to negotiate this year up to £28,000 to £30,000. I don’t live lavishly and living at home has allowed me to save a deposit of about £60,000.

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