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From hidden costs to lack of knowledge: seven misconceptions that stop people from investing

Whether you’re worried about timing it right or not having enough expertise, there are always concerns when it comes to investing. Experts explain why you should put your fears aside and make the leap

People have all sorts of reasons why they don’t invest their money – whether it feels like it’s too late in life to start, or you don’t feel clued up enough about money matters, there are many excuses to be made. And when you consider the volatility over the past few years, it can seem like an especially daunting time to invest. But it doesn’t need to be intimidating. Here, experts from Interactive Investor, a subscription-based online investment service, examine the preconceptions that stop people from investing.

I’m too young
When cash is tight and there’s plenty to spend it on, putting money aside in your 20s can seem like the last thing you want to do. But take time to work out some bigger life goals, says Jemma Jackson, head of public relations at Interactive Investor.

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