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‘This is just ruinous’: the Britons unable to afford their homes

Millions are finding themselves priced out of renting and buying amid high inflation and mortgage rates Out of reach? The tool that shows where you can afford to buy or rent in Great Britain The cost of living crisis, spiralling mortgage rates and soaring rents have exacerbated property shortages in Britain to the extent that […]

‘It would really help us’: renters in the UK who want a 100% mortgage

No-deposit loan presents possible route out of rental trap to those deemed eligible When Skipton, one of Britain’s biggest building societies, launched the UK’s first 100% mortgage exclusively for renters last month, reactions varied wildly. While some commentators regard the first-of-its-kind home loan as a “revolutionary” way to get people out of the rental trap […]

UK households with communal heating facing 350% rise in energy costs

Surge in energy costs filtering through to low-income households on shared heat networks Lambeth council tenants ‘in precarious position’ after 350% service charge rise Residents in council homes and private flats with communal heating systems are experiencing a “nightmare” rise in their energy bills, with households scrambling to fund increases of up to 350%. An […]

Will The Housing Market Collapse In 2023?

When it comes to stocks and shares, I’ve never been a massive fan of (or very good at) predicting what the market will do over a period of 12 months or so. If it goes up, great, if it doesn’t- I’ll buy more and sit on it. With housing however, it isn’t quite that straight forward. For […]

Priced-out UK house-hunters turn to lorry-sized tiny homes

Trailer-like homes are attracting people struggling to buy or rent a house. Our writer went to size one up You might bump your head, and the wheels betray its caravan roots, but it’s yours – and that’s the key for a growing number of people fleeing the UK housing crisis in a “tiny home”. Factory-built, […]

Tell us: are you struggling with the process of buying a house in the UK?

We would like to hear from people trying to buy yet struggling to afford rising rents in the meantime, or those experiencing issues with getting mortgages approved As UK mortgage approvals have fallen to their lowest level since 2021, and as mortgage rates continue to rise, we would like to hear from people who are […]