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I bought my own home last year. But I now have big regrets | Arwa Mahdawi

There is immense pressure to buy a place – and to do so is obviously a massive privilege. So why does homeownership seem so overrated? Here are a few things that I have Googled in the nine months or so since I bought a Victorian terrace home in Philadelphia: Does a crack in the lintel […]

Mortgage payers face squeeze in 2023 after UK interest rate rises

Wealthy people who own home outright will avoid higher costs and benefit from better return on savings Homeowners with mortgages will be among the biggest losers from the cost of living crisis in 2023 due to interest rate rises, while the wealthiest UK households will benefit from better returns on savings and investments, according to […]

Is the UK housing market heading for a crash? – podcast

A steady stream of bad economic news has filtered into Britain’s property market, prompting fears that prices could tumble. But how worried should people be? Rupert Jones reports Ever since Margaret Thatcher’s ‘right to buy’ revolution in the 1980s, the UK housing market has been an obsession for millions of people. For many, buying a […]

What is happening to the UK homebuying and rental markets?

House prices for buyers have started to fall, while housing rents have reached record highs For Joe, a youth worker in his 20s, soaring rents have made living and working in London precarious. “Our rent costs 50% of our combined wage before bills,” says Joe, who shares with his partner, a receptionist. They pay £1,450 […]